Tips To Increase Direct Bookings Via Your Hotel Website Booking Engine

Hotelier can maximize their revenue by offering direct booking from its website, now a time hoteliers are getting a good number of booking through OTAs and other relevant platforms but for that, they have to pay commission up to 30% for each successful booking. While along with the OTAs service hoteliers are also getting a direct booking from its website which maximizes their revenue.

Here, We guides you how hotelier garners his booking with revenue.

1. Have a user-friendly and easily accessible website.

People will love booking from you if using your hotel website is as effortless as booking from the other platforms. So make it simple to grasp and easy to use for your clients. Provide a site that loads at a rapid speed to hold your customer`s attention. Also, make it a priority to optimize your site for mobile and tablet screens. Give your costumers the option to book a hotel directly from you just by a few tabs on their mobile screens. The easier the process becomes for the customer, the more profits you reap.

2. Give special advantages for direct booking.

Why should people book directly from you? Give them some hard to ignore reasons! Give your guests some special benefits for booking directly from you. Could your guests get free parking or free lunch? Do they get to enjoy some premium services at a lower rate? Play around with the perks. Get them saying yes-yes for all your offers.

3. Offer discounts or special deals on your website.

Let the deals and packages on your website be more attractive than on the other platforms. Offer more value and services on your website on a regular basis. This will ensure that the customers could easily compare and book directly with you. The better offers and services will only increase the number of people checking up on your website.

4. Use Social media for promoting your site.

Now that your site is perfect and you have got a die for deals on your website, but how are people to know about it? Hence use social media! Share your special deals and offers on Facebook and Twitter. Share captivating pictures and deals on Instagram. Let the word of your special deals and packages spread like wildfire. Reap profits by utilizing seasonal trends. Social media could grab a lot of attention for you if you play it the right way.

5. Utilize reviews to your advantage.

Nothing beats happy customer reviews. Absolutely nothing. In today`s world when information about anything is available at the tip of our fingers, reviews could either make you or break you. So be proactive about them. Provide a review tab on your site and prompt your customers to leave reviews for you. Also, acknowledge all the good and bad reviews with grace. What people say about you and your services is always going to be a deciding factor in your growth. Build a formidable reputation by aiming to create as many happy customers as possible. No matter how advanced things get, consumers always remain the king.

These are a few tips to give a major boost to direct booking for your hotels. We can help you build loyal customers for your hotels. At Pure iBooking, we have solutions for all your hotel booking needs.

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