Nine Important Features Your Hotel Website Must have

Most Important Features Should Be In Your Hotel Website


1. A visually captivating and engaging website.

Humans are visual creatures. We process what we see faster than what we read or hear. Additionally, we have a low attention span. Hence a captivating site which captures people's attention instantly is an essential requirement for your site. A lot of people check the hotel website and they often make decisions based on the attractive appeal of the website. Try to make it look as pleasing as you can. Create a lasting attractive impression.

2. A Well-Optimized Hotel Description Page

Your hotel needs a functional hotel Page which informs the users about your property. Specify the type of your hotel. What kind of audience are you targeting? State if your property is family-friendly. Is it an ideal honeymoon destination? Or the coolest summer abode? Make your niches obvious so that the visitors can easily make a choice to book with you.

3. Provide Precise Location Details and Live Chat Bots

Reserve a section of the page for stating your location details. Provide a map of your property so that your users have a clear idea about your location. Put along contact details with it so that your visitors can reach you easily. Likewise, provide live chat and chatbots so that your users can clarify their queries immediately.

Make it yourself effectively accessible and approachable.

4. Search Engine Optimization

While enhancing all the details of your website make sure that it is optimized for the search engines. Search engines are the best source of traffic for hotel websites. Optimize all pages and images of your website by writing unique meta descriptions. Optimize keywords which you would like to be associated with, also scale your ranking by including other links in your content. SEO optimization is going to bring you the maximum traffic.

Also, ensure that your loading speed of all your pages and images is the fastest you could possibly provide. Remember internet users love speed.

5. An easy to use and responsive user interface.

Different people are going to visit your site. And not all of them are going to be technical wizards. So give your users a site which is easy to navigate and use. Simplify the contents of your website. People are going to spend more time on your website if it is easy to use.

Also, provide a responsive interface. Set up flexible layouts and contents. It should automatically be set as per the device screens of the user. Optimize your site for mobile and tablet screens. And increase the loading speed of your website. People on the internet want everything within a flash. Give them speed. It should make your user experience simple, quick and effortless.

6. A Picture Gallery of your property with Prices and availability.

Let the pictures do the talking for you. People want to see what they are getting into. So pro-pictures of your property are your ticket to fame. Show them all the facilities you have to offer. Appeal to their imagination. Give clear, high-quality pictures so that they can visualize themselves enjoying their services. Let them want to stay in your beautiful rooms, enjoying the beautiful scenery and your top-notch services.

Also, give prices and availability details along with the picture. This way the pictures won't be out of sight when they surf prices. And they can make an informed decision to making a booking based on all the factors.

7. Special packages and Value-added Services.

Your website is also a place to tell people about your key offerings. Highlight special services which the user gets for direct bookings. Mention loyalty programs or reward systems for your guests.

Also, promote key attractions of your hotel and property. Does your location fall near some historical attraction? Provide information about it. What are the wonderful sites near you which your guests will be delighted to know? Mention them. Provide pictures. Write up articles about them. Capture people's attention. Make them want to be at your hotel NOW.

8. Instant booking options and Secured Payment Gateways.

So your website visitor has found your website appealing. The pictures of your property won his heart. And he is looking forward to experience all the wonderful services you are offering. So how does the book now?

The answer is via your website's booking Engine. Instantly.

We already know about our lousy attention span. So it does no good to make your client wait. Integrate a booking engine which lets the user make reservations in a flash! Also integrated multiple secured payment options so your customer can choose his preferred mode of Payment. So that you a confirmed booking within no time! Win-Win for all!

9. Review Tabs with Social media share Buttons.

Word of mouth is still the most effective way of promotion. Provide a review tab on your website or link up with a Third party review website. And prompt people to leave reviews. This will build up your credibility. Also, people go through reviews to see what other users say about your services. And the reviews play an important role when they decide if they should book your services. Utilize this features. It is going to help you grow.Also, share your best reviews on the social media and likewise give your users the option to share them. People love to feel included. Share reviews and spread your reach.

These are a few tips to give a major boost to your hotels. We can help you build loyal customers for your hotels. Visit us at Pure Automate - Property Management System to turbo charge your hotel growth. We provide effortless hospitality solutions.



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