Boost Guest Experience Before They Arrive By Using Hotel Management System

In the current time of the hospitality industry, it is becoming more and more competitive each day. Those days are gone when providing excellent services within the limits of your property was enough. To fare well in the current scenario you have to level-up your services with every new day. And creating an unforgettable pre-arrival guest experience is the new trick in the game.

Here how you can provide an amazing vibe for your hotel.

1. Send Confirmation Emails To Your Guests

Once a user makes a booking with you; he becomes a guest of your hotel. From that very moment pleasing them becomes your priority, and it begins with a confirmation email. After a booking is made people expect a confirmation email from you. Your email could be quirky as well as simple. Add a dash of humor. It should speak to them on a personal level so that they remember you.

Even if you are too busy to do this, or a lack of staff is limiting your efforts allow your Hotel Management System to take care of it. Once the booking is done, the Hotel Management System instantly sends an email to your guest so when a guest receives prompt services from your hotel they will be pleased.

Customers loves certainty, make sure you give it to them.
-Amit Kalantri

2. Mention the Perks of Direct booking from your Hotel Booking Engine

Send your guests the information of the special features of the value-added or special services which they have received for booking directly with you. This gives a feeling of instant gratification to your guests which in turn makes them more satisfied with your services.
If the guests have booked from an OTA or any other channel you can send them the list of benefits of direct bookings from your own Hotel Booking Engine. This ensures that the next time they decide to book a place at your hotel, they will be more likely to consider direct booking from your Hotel Booking Engine. This will help you to build loyal customers.

3. Information about Your Property

A week prior to the arrival dates of your guests inform them by email about your Hotel location, mode of transportation, parking details or any other relevant information that will make their stay more comfortable. All these can be easily managed with your Property Management System.
Importantly you must send these details at least five days prior to the arrival date so that if your guests have any query it can be solved well before their arrival time.

4. Pitch in a Questionnaire to Get to know Guests better

Information is power. To know your guest better or their preferences before their arrival, pitch in a questionnaire along with the informative email. It will give you a clear idea about likes and dislikes of your guests i.e. Food Choices, Room Temperature, News Paper etc. Backed by all this information you can personalize your services for your guests, you can prepare your staff well before time for handling them. This way you will be able to provide them with the best hotel experience they have ever had.

5. Upsell special services you offer

Pre-arrivals are also the best times to upsell your services. Mention all the other services that you offer in your hotel. It could be your restaurant, cafes, spas, pools, bars, gaming zones and even more. Speculate which service will excite those particular guests. Customize your offers as per their preferences. Offer services that are relevant to that particular guest. The more customized your services are, the more important your and happy your guests will feel and we all know happy customers become loyal customers.

6. Inform your guests about local attractions

To enrich your guests experience while they stay at your hotel, inform them about the local attractions available near your hotel. Or let them know about any historical or cultural heritage that falls near you. Are there any beaches or special locations which will enhance their experience? Tell them. Provide your guests with ample choices which will make their stay beyond memorable.
This will provide a new dimension to your marketing, build trust and loyalty for your service.

7. Maintain a Guest History

For providing better services for your regular guests-maintain a guest history. All your guest information should be stored with you so that you can enhance your services for them. You can also ask for information like birthdays, anniversary and any other special days for more enhanced and personalized marketing.
These are managed easily by your Hotel Management System which stores all the guest information for you without any extra add-ons. All the information is stored in a cloud thereby eliminating any threats of loss of data. All your guest history will be available on your dashboard with a click.

Satisfied customer is the best source of advertisement
-G. S Alag

Taking care of your customers' needs and providing the best services for their satisfaction is the most beneficial investment in the hospitality business. Use of the latest technological tools like Hotel PMS, Booking Engines, Channel Manager, Point Of Sale (POS), Restaurant Management System, which make your hotel management quick, time-saving and efficient. It also cuts down manual entries will ensure accurate entries which in turn relieves the staff of unnecessary management chores. Make use of them to provide flawless service for your guests.

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