Influential Digital Marketing Strategies to Double Hotel Bookings

Constant hustle armed with key marketing strategies can help you massively to increase your hotel room bookings and to skyrocket your online visibility.

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  • 2018-07-19

How Kitchen Display System Boosts Productivity of your Kitchen

Kitchen display system can streamline your kitchen operations and increase your productivity by tenfold. Here are the benefits of a kitchen display management system.

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  • 2018-07-17

Everything You Need To Know About Effective Restaurant Management

Restaurant Management is not an easy job. There are a lot of things that go in making a restaurant well-organized and successful. Here are a few ways to give you a better idea of restaurant management.

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  • 2018-07-12

Increase Your Hotel Revenue with Easy & Quick Upselling/Cross-selling Strategies

Crossing selling and upselling are the two ways to enhance guest experience along with increasing the hotel revenue and also promotes loyalty and returning guests.

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  • 2018-07-09

The Latest Way to Boost Online Bookings: Google Hotel Ads Center

Do you want to increase your bookings instantly without paying a huge commission? Google Hotel Ads Center is the answer for you!

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  • 2018-07-05

How To Get 100% Occupancy For Your Hotel!

Do you want to boost up your Hotel’s Occupancy by 100%? Use the reliable strategies given here and strike a balance between OTAs and Direct Bookings.

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  • 2018-06-28

Elevate Hotel Rooms Experience With The Use Of Technology

Technology has made its mark everywhere, even inside the hotel rooms! Here a few latest in-room hotel trends to keep your guests pleased and pampered.

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  • 2018-06-25

How Hoteliers can Enhance Guest Experience with Voice Assistants.

Voice technology is all set to make some noise in the hospitality industry! Here are a few ways Voice assistants can add a "Wow" factor to your guest experience.

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  • 2018-06-21

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